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Data warehousing

Learn what a data warehousing can do and provide in order for your company to leverage the power of data.

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Strategising a sale of a chain of restaurants

Strategising a sale of a chain of restaurants

The different market of smaller businesses where there is a plentitude of parameters that will influence the final price, makes the challenge extremely interesting to nortb strategy consultants.

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A case on Webhosting

A case on Webhosting

There are numerous companies that offer scalable website hosting. It can be challenging to discover a trustworthy provider.

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Latest Posts


Data Analytics. Why data is one of the most valuable assets.

25 September 2022

We live in new periods of time. It is a new Era. The Economist has classified data as the most valuable asset in the world,... Continue reading


How Data insights Improved water distribution in a Swedish greenhouse

19 March 2022

This time, the challenge was to mix engineering, botany and Business Intelligence (BI) in order to solve our client problem: "How to improve the tomato production rate". ... Continue reading


An overlook on Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence

08 September 2022

In this millennia, Data warehousing and Business Intelligence are big topics as of the moment. Why do you or your company need data warehousing and business intelligence and what is the output of a data processing system/process?... Continue reading


Understanding the cash flow bill in e-commerce

01 September 2022

cash flow helps e-commerces to keep a good economic condition and to ensure that they always have sufficient financial resources in the bank.... Continue reading


Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

12 June 2022

Start-ups tend to use the most out of the common SaaS. The problem lies when operations scale, and the current integrations do not fit the needs anymore of the company or in order to perform a certain specific task, a massive economic upgrade is required.... Continue reading


Customer benefit | These 5 questions increase the willingness to buy

12 June 2022

Increase customer benefit - One way to specifically increase customer benefit is 5W quantification. With this method, you ensure with 5 simple questions that your customer understands the benefits of your solution much better.... Continue reading


Benefits of Microsoft 365 as digital cloud infrastructure.

10 June 2022

In the wake of the corona pandemic, many companies are forced to implement a quick solution for communication from home. Many companies chose the subscription solution Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).... Continue reading


Essential KPIs for sourcing department

02 April 2022

What are the most important KPIs in purchasing and what are their current values? And what has changed compared to previous years? ... Continue reading


5 Different ways to Strategical reduce workforce Insurance premiums

26 March 2022

Reducing insurance premiums by strategically placing routines and automation infrastructures within the company... Continue reading

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