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Why trust us?

Personalised service

Each client account is assigned a dedicated project leader to provide exceptional, customised services tailored to your needs.

Hard-to-find experts

Our consultants have a knowledge mixture mixing business, finance and technology as their core skills. Our recruitment process is quite exhaustive to guarantee that we have the most qualified talent working for us.

Proactive compliance

Corporate Secrecy is very important to us, and we make sure that the data with handle is clean and will never land in anyone else other than your organisation. At each project end, all database is deleted and an audit trail is provided as a warrantee of compliance.

Accelerated results

We invest extensively on cutting-edge technology and data assets to quickly generate more value. We recruit talent belonging to top firms and drive projects in four different countries.

Our Process

  1. Audit - To discover the root cause of the problem.
  2. Research - To find what causes and impacts the organisation and other factors that might affect daily operations.
  3. Strategy & design - The moment the team builds a strategic plan and designs a set of alarms around that strategy and KPIs.
  4. Implementation - The moment our consultants implement these alarms to have a constant oversight on the data evolution and metamorphosis.
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Our Services

Apart from our regular project process, we offer as well:

  • Sales Business Analysis.
  • Financial Business Analysis
  • Sourcing Business Analysis
  • Procurement Business Analysis
  • HR Business Analysis
  • Operations Business Analysis
  • Data warehouse implementation.
  • Data Layer modelling.
  • Business Insights collection
  • Dashboard building
  • Competitors insights harvest
  • Data Insights strategy
  • Problem resolution Dashboard
  • Real-time KPIs Dashboard.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial forecasts and liquidity control
  • Others.

A perfect solution for:


Get help to develop your corporate development, M&A, growth strategy, R&D, and business development efforts.


Partner with our experts to deliver projects faster. Better doing it together rather than alone.

Investment Groups

Get the help you need to develop algorithms and forecasts to predict different scenarios regarding M&A, Stock variations, Company fluctuations, and others..


Get the assistance you need right away to put up the correct corporate strategy and scale up faster.

Public Entities

Develop projects with the most level of compliance, security and efficiency.

From our clients

Having suggested a project with nortb was a game changer. Patrick has designed an acquisition strategy plan for our online store that was just something ahead of market knowledge. It increased our revenues from 3000SEK per day to 40000SEK. Unbelievable speed, deep market insights, and extraordinary efficiency.

Project Leader, Startup, Europe

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