nortb marketing 3månader marknadsföring   Prism

a 3 months bullet proof marketing package

Everything ready for 3 months

The most loved marketing offer that is about to make you focus only in selling. Contains different products such as client segmentation, client psychological analysis, marketstudies, marketing strategies, Branding & graphic profile, Digital marketing (without ads budget) physical marketing and others. It is perfect for companies who have not so many resourses and don't want to have a marketing specialist in the house.

prism marketing 3 months


your clients

Knowing how people think and what are their preferenses are important whenever you are trying to sell them something. Prism includes a client profiling together with solid market researches. The deep research level gives you the insights you need in order to know your clients.

market research perfomed to the highest level


client knowledge gives you 68% advantage over your clients


Know your steps on the market beforehand


& Graphic profile

Have the best color profile, most elegant website, modern colors, most attractive brochures and designs. Branding & graphic profile is something really important to us, and prism includes it all. Have the most amazing strategy to reinforce your brand and at the same time make it a public profile and recognisable.

Our theme is profitability and prism includes digital properties that are profitable.


the all package

Prism will be your voice for the next three months.

The all publications, PR releases, Brochures, texts,

anything that shows your product,it is included in prism.

Avoid thinking and wasting energy on planning the marketing for the week or month.